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19.5 Ormus, 8oz - Blue Water Alchemy


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19.5 Ormus, 8oz - Blue Water Alchemy


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There are locations on the planet that are energetic/hyper-dimensional "hot-spots" the most powerful of these can be found at 19.5-degrees north and south latitude. That means a balanced mixture of Hawaiian Alaea salt (19.5-degrees north) and Bolivian Rose salts, (19.5-degrees south) carried by an even base of Pacific and Dead Sea salts.

Ingredients: Dead Sea, Celtic, Bolivian, Hawaiian Alaea Salts and Structured Alkaline Water.

Directions For Use: Take 1 Teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon daily with OR without water.

Keep and store ormus in provided EMF bag.

Ormus IS THE KEY to future agriculture productivity.

Ormus is created from pure Organic Sea Salts. As Ormus is created through an ancient alchemical process, elements, in their high-spin, quantum or M-state, are manifest. These m-state elements in Ormus are "trans-dimensional" in nature and behavior. They subtly, yet directly, connect a person to the Quantum Field.

Some people can feel the connection, others cannot... Regardless of whether or not its effects are felt consciously, it is happening. As that connection develops an information channel is opened to the Blessed Field, the Field of Blessing or The Field.

These Ormus m-state elements are from the Mineral Kingdom designed to ground and connect to the Earth and to Spirit establishing the conditions for balance, harmony and well being. Ormus becomes your Trans-Dimensional Connection to your Spiritual Wellness and Wholeness. Ormus is the Event Horizon opening the Quantum Connection, to your Light Body. Ormus is Ancient Alchemy and yet it's new, every time.

Use Ormus to awaken your plant life with "Gaia"s Harvest and Gaia's Volcano" opening the Ch'i or ether vastly increasing crop yield, vibrancy, hardiness and the life of your personal Eden.

How does ORMUS work?

ORMUS connects you to what in ancient times was called the Blessed Field or the Field of Blessing. What in present times is referred to as the Meissner Field or The Field. Although known by only a few, the presence of Ormus in our energetic being carries more vibrancy and a stronger greater communication with the "quantum field of energy." Imagine experiencing fantastic "insights" and enjoying that greater "wisdom." Connect!

ORMUS is able to connect the human presence with its trans-dimensional high-spin state cooper-pairing. ORMUS empowers one to become an awake, aware, and compassionate individual. Become your own centered observer of this creation, in the present, future and the past, now. Be present and be that awake unattached observer.

Ormus monatomic elements behave as a spiritual conduit, drawing in and focusing the Chi, then working to establish conditions for balance, harmony and well-being to just BE.

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