Raw Food Retreat in Vilcabamba

$500 Deposit - December 2016 Retreat

$500 Deposit - December 2016 Retreat


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December 2016 Tickets Now Available!

To find out all the details, you can click the video below, and also read my write-up just underneath the video, for much more information about what we're offering... This little video here is only a teaser-trailer of the full video to come!


Book these dates! December 21st, 2016 - January 2nd, 2017!

Over the last 3 years, Angela and I have been building on our 30 acres of land, preparing the ideal place to hold retreats. Well, we're ready! We'll only be holding one or two retreats a year here, so reserve your space today!

We invite you to stay with myself, Angela, Oria and our whole crew here, for two weeks at our organic ranch in the beautiful Valley of Longevity, Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

This retreat is open to everyone: adults, children, families, raw and non-raw alike.
Enjoy intimate lectures and personal workshops, soak up the beautiful surroundings and revel in the experience of a lifetime!

Our dear friend Antonio and crew will be preparing all of the food (both raw and cooked whole foods) and giving food preparation classes daily. Some other dear friends actually just held a retreat of their own here on our land and it was truly one of the most magical, enchanting experiences that most of the participants had ever witnessed. Antonio, his wife Marli and daugher Marina were the people in charge of all the food for this event. It was consistently the best raw food spreads that we have ever had - the crackers, the dips, the salads, the sauces, the puddings, the smoothies, the juices, the cakes... Oh my!

If you could see the picture above in full size, you'd probably start salivating after seeing all of the incredible food on offer, up close. Below is an up and close small sample of what we will be offering on this upcoming retreat.

Many of you probably remember Antonio from some of our videos. He's always up for creating some sort of crazy-amazing raw food concoction. In Angela's Birthday Party video from a few weeks ago, many of you probably remember Antonio being the one who helped me take our Raw Pizza and Durian Cake to the next level and way beyond.

To see just how amazing and creative Antonio is in the kitchen, watch this birthday party video to the left, to see him helping me out with the birthday girl's treats. You can either clicking here or on the video to the left.

(I fixed this up so that when you click on that link, the video starts at the 27 minute mark, right where Antonio enters in ;-)

Almost all of the food will come directly from our Organic, Biodynamic Gardens and Green Houses, which you can see some shots of below:

Antonio and his family personally eat a high raw diet and they also include healthy cooked whole foods.

They are so good at cooking delicious whole food meals, that they deliver and serve all sorts of food to people all throughout Vilcabamba. You should see some of the quinoa cakes they make!

The Food Options will be: 100% Raw or 100% Raw/Whole Foods.

Angela and I will obviously be choosing the 100% Raw options throughout the retreat, as that's how we eat.

However, we wanted to also offer people the option to have healthy cooked whole foods, as not everyone likes or wants to eat totally raw.

We have literally met thousands of people who have turned their health around by eating a healthy cooked whole foods diet void of processed foods. So, we're excited to be able to offer the option to eat and learn how to prepare both Raw and Cooked Whole Foods, so that you can take this knowledge home with you and possibly see improvements iin both your and your family's health.

Daily Norwalk Juices will be served to make sure you are getting the most optimal nutrition! The Norwalk Juicer is the most supreme juicer in the world. Most people never even taste one Norwalk juice in their lives, yet every participant here will be able to drink these juicy masterpieces daily!

There will also be a couple of optional Juice Feasting or Green Smoothie Fasting days.

I will be doing talks on subjects including, how to heal from disease, nutrition, raw food, super foods, sprouting, weight loss, spiritual progression and much more.

For those attending who are parents or planning to become parents; Antonio, Marli, Angela and I are all heavily into conscious parenting. There will be occasional conscious parenting classes and workshops in the Yoga Pavailian or Conference Room (as seen in the pics below). This will include topics such as: elimination communication (diaper-free), home schooling/unschooling, natural pregnancy/birth/child care, unassisted and assisted home births, Non-Violent Communication, non-vaccination, non-circumcision, lotus birth and so on.

There will also be something that we call Imagination Workshops. This is fun for everyone: the single person and the entire family alike. Do you remember back in the days when we would have drama class and we would play all sorts of different acting games? Well, this workshop will take it to an entirely new level, in a fun-loving, safe, nurturing environment, where the right side of your brain will take over and open you up into flowing creativity and love.

To open all of our minds even more, many of the evenings we will be playing some of the best documentary movies available. We have a huge selection of mind-blowing documentaries that will deliver us all to a state of awe.

Angela aims to offer various workshops including song circles, knitting/crochet, Non-Violent Communication, mandala drawing and more.

This Retreat includes beautiful scenic accommodation, all food, juices, smoothies, lectures, workshops, inclusive amenities as seen below, and much more...

Accommodation: Charming, high-end housing nestled on our land in a pristine area of the Andes, in Vilcabamba. There are about twenty beautiful rooms in total.

Angela and I kept you in mind while we were envisioning the building of this property. We wanted to create a rejuvenation epi-center, where you can become and feel young again.

Inclusive Amenities: The Amenities include a huge swimming pool with water slides (as seen in the picture to the left), a huge 12ft trampline that we put into the ground for safety, a 20-person steam room that is filtrated with a four step water filtration system that ozonates the water that you breath (one of the best experiences ever), yoga pavilion, conference room, three huge organic/ biodyanamic gardens, greenhouses, basketball/tennis/volleyball court, workout equipment, and so much more.

I feel that this is the ideal place to settle in for some relaxation, learning, rejuvenation and fun! In our experience, everyone, from the single person, to couples, parents, elders and children alike, all absolutely love it here.

We are in the process of creating a High-Definition video of all of the amenities here on the land, which Angela and I have worked very hard over the last few years to bring together.

Here is a short sneak peak trailer of this video to enjoy now:


Some optional activities that you can do in Vilcabamba and the surrounding areas include hikes, horse riding, zip lining, sweat lodges, wild foraging and much more...

We are keeping the retreat pricing as low as possible to help people budget more easily for traveling here. The prices below include all accomodations and food for the duration of the retreat:

·  Couple (Shared Bed): $3395.00

·  Single Person: $2495.00

·  Shared Room (2-3 People Room, Separate Beds): $1995.00 per person

·  Shared Yoga Pavilion (2-3 People Room, Separate Beds): $1795.00 per person

·  Shared Large Yurt (4-5 People Room, Separate Beds): $1795.00 per person

·  Shared Teepee (2 People Room, Separate Beds): $1795.00 per person

·  Additional Child (Sharing A Room, in Own Bed): $650

·  Children 4 and Under: Free when sharing a room with parents or other children.

There are only 25 spaces available, so reserve your spot today!

You can either pay the entire amount upfront, or you can put down a non-refundable $500 deposit to secure your space today.

To secure your space now, click the link below:


Here is the intended daily schedule for the retreat:

Daily M-F Schedule
(Subject to Change)
7:30AM: Fresh Norwalk Juice
7:45-8:30AM: Morning Exercise (Cross Fit or Yoga)
8:30-9:30AM: Breakfast Buffet (Green Smoothies, Fruit Salads, Homemade Jams, Breakfast Cookies)
9:30-10:45AM: Food Preparation Demonstration
10:45-11:00AM: Snack Break
11:00-12:30PM: Morning Lectures & Workshops
12:30-2:00PM: Gourmet Lunch
2:00-5:00PM: Afternoon Lectures & Workshops
3:30-3:45PM: Snack Break
5:30-6:30PM: Dinner Buffet (with Open Smoothie & Fruit Ice Cream Bar)
7:00PM: Optional Evening Activity (Documentary Movie, Drum Circles, Mandala Drawing)

Come along and join us in the Valley Of Longevity, for this once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing experience!

To secure your space now, click the link below:


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