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50 SHEETS Certified Organic Raw Untoasted Nori

50 SHEETS Certified Organic Raw Untoasted Nori
  • 1 - 999 units - $19.50
    $19.50 / unit


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1 - 999 units $/unit

Dang! Unfortunately, we have a worldwide Nori Sheet harvest devastation to where there is a very limited supply for the entire next year.

The price has skyrocketed, and after this newsletter goes out, I'm certain we'll sell out the rest of our stock soon.

You can read about this nori sheet harvest devastation in the letter further below from our supplier.

I use these untoasted nori sheets endlessly, so I personally just ordered 100 packages, and had them sent to me here in Vilcabamba for my girls and retreats.

and yes... I'm crazy enough to offer our last 2 pallets of them to you 'At-Cost' today (30-37%+ off)!

I recently just tried to get the 'ever so popular' Gopal's Nori Wrap snacky foods 'At-Cost', and he told me that they couldn't offer it at the same discounted price anymore due to the scarcity and price increase in Nori Sheets.

He said...
"We are already paying high price for the nori and are promised to have our supply covered until the next nori season. But I don't feel comfortable 'blowing out' inventory at promo prices. We also raised the wholesale price per pack.
Hope you understand."

Check out the letter from our Nori Sheet supplier below...

*****Kosher Certified*******

Our Nori comes from Certified Organic Waters (waters with at least 3 years clean testing) in the Sea of Japan, below the southern tip of Japan on the China Side. Our Processing factory is located in China, and we ship via ocean cargo container from Shanghai. Our product has been tested here in the US for more the 450 potential contaminants and tested 100 percent "non detectable" in every category. We have also recently had our product tested for Radiation at a lab here in the US. We tested for 16 different Isotopes and our product was 100 percent Clean. (certification available upon request)

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.