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Absolutely Abeba's
Krazy Krackers
by Abeba

Pamphlet - 19 pages - 13 recipes

My name is Abeba. I've been living a raw food lifestyle since January 2000. I can't say it's always been easy, but I'm committed to optimum health. I believe this is one way to get there. My sister, Harriet was my first introduction to becoming a vegetarian. I was 25 when I gave up red meat and pork, but kept a little chicken and fish in my diet. I eventually gave up all flesh, dairy, white flour, white sugar and refined carbs. Since I was a little girl, I always loved crackers. I remember eating crackers, sometimes the whole box in one sitting.

I am dedicating this book to my mother, Obie Lee Wright, who also loved crackers. As a matter of fact, wheat thins were one of her favorites, but made us both fat. Triscuits, we ate like biscuits and Ritz, that put it on our hips. Nevertheless, after coming into the raw food lifestyle, crackers were on the top of the list for staying with this lifestyle. Friends and family, along with many "raw fooders" have requested my crackers. So here goes Abeba's most requested cracker recipes and the secret to a good cracker. Ready for the secret?


It's the KRUNCH baby, the KRUNCH. If the kracker has no krunch, in my opinion, you don't have a cracker.
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