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Agaricus blazei
Royal Sun Agaricus
Agaricus blazei

Nature's Most Powerful
Beta 1-6 Glucan

Dehydrated Hot Water Extract

45% beta 1-6 glucan (polysaccharide)

Latin ... Agaricus blazei
Japanese ... Himenmatsutake
Common name ... Royal Sun Agaricus

90 vegetarian capsules / 400 mg per capsule

Suggested Use
1-3 capsules twice daily, AM and PM, or more as recommended by your health care professional. Take on an empty stomach.

Product Information
Agaricus blazei is a relatively new addition to the family of medicinal mushrooms with research beginning in the 1980's. This species contains a unique beta 1-6 linkage and has an extensive history of use as a folk remedy in the areas of Brazil where it was originally discovered. Research has also shown that Agaricus blazei contains more beta glucans than any of the other medicinal mushrooms tested so far. The in-vitro research and animal studies both show significant immune supporting properties.

Active Constituents
Polysaccharides (1-6 linked proteoglycans extracted from the cell walls)

Extraction Information
Research has been done on water-soluble and fractions of the polysaccharides isolated through a hot-water or hot-water/alcohol extraction process. As with the other medicinal mushrooms, the active compounds in Agaricus blazei, the polysaccharides, are internal structural components of the indigestible cell walls. Extraction with a heated aqueous solution is required to release these active compounds into a bioavailable form. Our product is a hot-water/alcohol extract, ensuring the presence of both the water and alcohol-soluble compounds. Our 45% polysaccharide extract is the only hot-water-extracted, guaranteed potency form of Agaricus blazei now being sold in North America.
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