Maine Coast Seaweed

ALARIA Leaf, 2oz - Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

ALARIA Leaf, 2oz - Maine Coast Sea Vegetables


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Similar to Japanese wakame biologically and nutritionally, with a black or dark-green color, our Alaria offers a more wild yet delicate taste than cultivated wakame and needs longer cooking time. It is our preferred sea vegetable for miso soup. Alaria is a good dietary source of Vitamin A, [beta carotene], iron, potassium, magnesium, chlorophyll, enzymes, trace elements, Vitamin B's and dietary fiber. Used mostly in soups, Alaria can also be marinated, blanched or steamed for use in salads, or quick roasted and enjoyed as "chips." Our Alaria is certified organic by OCIA and we voluntarily test for heavy metal, chemical, and microbiological contaminants. Also a Raw Food. Available in 2 oz. reclosable bag or in bulk lots.
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