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One of the most popular, nutritious & delicious sprouting seed. Alfalfa sprouts are very tasty, with a sweet, nut-like flavor.

One of the richest mineral foods, it's minerals are balanced for better absorption. It may be a wise choice for people with mineral deficiencies.

John Heinerman (The Encyclopedia of Nuts Berries and Seeds) claims that Alfalfa is rich in Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium and Magnesium. This sprout has estrogen like properties and can help to balance the estrogen levels. People have reported being relieved from acute hypoglycemia, epilepsy and gangrene as a result of diabetes.

Louise Tenney M.H. suggest a formula of Alfalfa, Dandelion, Root & Kelp for preventing disease, balancing the glandular system and building the immune system. James & Phyllis F. Balch, M.D (Prescription for Nutritional Healing) add the following attributes to Alfalfa; It alkalizes the body and detoxifies, good for colon disorder, anemia, diabetes, arthritis and contains an anti-fungus agent. Also rich with Biotin, Calcium, Choline, Inositol, Iron, PABA, Protein, Sodium, Sulfur, Vitamins A, B Complex, C,D,E,K and U. Alfalfa was found first-class for cleansing of the lymphatic system.

Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries by plaque collected on the inner artery walls, impairing blood circulation to reach organs) can be helped with Alfalfa, Fenugreek, Garlic and Ginger. Seeds and herbs that will help arthritis are Alfalfa, aloe vera and kelp. Apparently Alfalfa contains anti-cancer properties.

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