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California Heritage Olive Oil - It's High in Polyphenols.

This olive oil was created a few weeks ago. It is very fresh and rich in antioxidants. It has a high available polyphenol content : 495 ppm (parts per million) compared with 222 ppm for most extra virgin olive oils. Its' stable shelf life exceeds over a year.

Created by Darro Grieco, award winning California family farmer. We invite you to rejoice in its robust, sharp flavor. Those in the know will understand how its pungency enhances the flavors of food.

The free oleica fatty acidity of this oil is 0.14%, the international allowance is 0.8%, the California Olive Oil Council allows 0.5%. This means that we are offering an olive oil in its most pristine state - its benefits are coming to you with as few oxidants or free radicals as possible.

This extra virgin olive oil was awarded three gold medals by the California Olive Oil Council last year.  It is created by Darro Grieco - award winning California family farmer, he is the true husbandman of his soil, plants and animals.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.