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All Natural Liquid Smoke 5oz

All Natural Liquid Smoke 5oz
  • 1 - 2 units - $5.56
    $5.56 / unit
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1 - 2 units $/unit
3 - 999 units $/unit

This new product is absolutely crazy! We have a brand new, all-natural Hickory Liquid Smoke that makes everything taste barbecued! This is like no other product on the market today!

As soon as you open the bottle of our Liquid Smoke, you'll find it smells just like Hickory Barbeque! It is so concentrated that you literally just need one or two drops to make any sauce taste just like barbeque sauce! As a test, I put one drop in an 8 oz jar of cashew sauce I made, which looked like ranch dressing. It totally worked and changed the flavor of the sauce in an incredible way with just one single drop! I put 7 drops into my raw dehydrated burger recipe to take the taste of these raw burgers to an entirely new level. I literally love to just open the bottle and take a huge whiff into barbeque ecstasy! I'm not kidding!

Our Liquid Smoke is made differently to any other product on the market today. Hickory and a little mesquite are burned at a low temperature, then the smoke is captured and diverted into a tunnel. In the tunnel, a constant stream of distilled water is channeled through the smoke to pick up the flavor. The liquid is then filtered to remove any sediment or oil before bottling. There are no other additional ingredients! This is the best, most pure kind of Liquid Smoke available on the market. It is literally nothing but smoke-infused water, with no additives of any kind.

You may notice at the bottom of the bottle and at the sleeve of the neck some particulates. Our Liquid Smoke is highly concentrated. As such, as with any supersaturated solutions, sometimes the flavor components will precipitate and come out of the solution, much like when you make rock-candy and the sugar comes out of solution and materializes. It is a sign of quality and concentration, and completely normal. Different temperatures may make those particles visible or not visible, but they are absolutely normal.

All Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke. No sodium. No soy sauce.
Nothing artificial. Pure smoke! Did we mention this was salt-free?

You can use it whenever a rich, hickory smoke flavor is desired.

Liquid smoke is real smoke, and all-natural. Wonderful stuff! Salt Free, and Junk Free!
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.