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Amazing Grace, by David Wolfe & Nick Good


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Amazing Grace, by David Wolfe & Nick Good


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(2007, 171 pages, 6x9, softcover)

Out of the confusion and chaos of a world in utter transformation, world-famous nutritionist and chocolatier David Wolfe and Success Ultra Now founder Nick Good have teamed up to break all the rules and deliver a whole new paradigm of possibility guaranteed to touch your heart and leave you inspired in the depths of your soul.

Amazing Grace is neither fiction nor non-fiction, neither fact nor fantasy. Amazing Grace is an experience you create as you discover your true destiny here upon our Earth – the best planet ever. Create each moment with total freedom, as you learn how to “quit your job” and become a superhero. Every word has been written with intention and love, allowing the sparks of intensity and joy to fire up your imagination and inspire new goals.

Make the choice now to step off the sidelines and live the life you’ve always dreamed of leading. Open this book and discover how to invite more fun, synchronicity, and magic into all your experiences by living life as a real character in the greatest love story which has ever been told.

Unique tools and resources are described in detail and hidden (for those who can find them!) throughout the book.

Table of Contents

You Are Being Called
Psalm 91
Points of Interest
Raw Magic: The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic
Principle Number One — Grace
The Seven Principles of Huna (Principles Number 2–8)
IKE — We Make Our Reality
MAKIA — Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.
MANA — All Power Comes from Within
MANAWA — Now is the Moment of Power
KALA — All Change is Possible
PONO — Harmony/Effectiveness is a Measure of Truth
ALOHA —To Love is to Share the Happiness
of the Breath of Life
Principle Number Nine — Forgiveness
Superhero Activation
Selected Poetry
The Poem of Tan
The Silent River
The Planet Earth
The Greatest Love Story That’s Ever Been Told
Success Ultra Now
The Mystery
Appendix A: Ormus
Appendix B: A Summary of the Seven Principles of Huna
Appendix C: The Prayer of Bounty
The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
Success Ultra Now
The Best Day Ever
The Biaviian Mothership
Recommended Superhero Resources
WARNING: This book contains top-secret information.
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