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Amazonian Superfruit Kit

Amazonian Superfruit Kit


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These Amazonian Superfruit Powders are all heirloom to Peru.

We like to call them our "Smoothie Essentials" as each of them can be a unique addition to your favourite smoothie.

In this kit, you will get the following:

1 x Raw Organic Mesquite Powder, 1lb

1 x Raw Organic Lucuma Powder, 1lb

1 x Raw Organic Noni Powder, 1lb

This is a fun kit where you can experiment with all of our popular Superfoods at a great discount!

Mesquite is known for its chocolate-y, caramel-y taste while Lucuma has more of a fruit taste and goes great with tropical flavors. Noni powder has a similar taste to very tart cherries or citrus and is a great addition to a green smoothie.

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