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Ringing Cedars, The, Complete 9 Book Set, By Vladimir Megre

Ringing Cedars, The, Complete 9 Book Set, By Vladimir Megre


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Mysterious woman found in forest…

Until recently the 1995 discovery of a young woman living alone in the wild remote forests of Siberia was unknown to the West.

Anastasia was born in 1969 in the remote Siberia wilderness to parents who both died in a forest accident shortly after her birth. This amazing girl has ever since fended for herself, watched over only by her grandfather, great grandfather and a variety of "wild" animals.

Highly developed natural powers…

In this pristine, isolated natural environment the young Anastasia developed skills and knowledge that are unknown even by our "best educated" standards.

She has stunned audiences with her highly developed and very unusual powers - including remote viewing, mind reading, direct access to "Universal Memory", perfect physical health and the use of mental imagery to create future events - and she says these powers (and many more) are innate in all human beings and anyone can develop them if they wish. She reveals just how in the books.

Messages create wild excitement…

Megré, a Siberian riverboat trader, describes his discovery of Anastasia in 1995 while he was plying the waters of the remote Ob River on a strange quest to find the mysterious "Ringing Cedars" – ancient trees that over the course of 500 years had reportedly acculumulated so much energy through their pine-needle, antenna-like leaves, they had begun to audibly "ring" or vibrate.

At a riverside stop, Megré was greeted by a young, modestly attired peasant woman who seemed to know not only his name but also the nature of his quest.

Revealing that she knew the exact location the "ringing cedar trees" he was searching for, she offered to act as his guide. Megré accepted, but as they began the trek deep into the forest, Anastasia began to shed her clothes…

Captain abandons his ship!

Over the course of three days Megré was led into another world – a world of shocking revelations, sacred sex, altered states of consciousness and displays by Anastasia of such astounding power, knowledge and wisdom – Megré felt compelled to abandon his river trading business in order to document and share these revelations with the world.

Welcome to the The Ringing Cedars Series!

In book stores across the world these books are flying off the shelves!

The English edition available here is published by Ringing Cedars Press, and has already sold over half a million copies with virtually no advertising other than word of mouth.

Over 11 million copies sold…

To date The Ringing Cedars Series has sold more than 10 million copies in Russia alone, and a million more in 20 other languages.

First published in Russian, the Ringing Cedars Series is a nine volume documentary account written over a period of 10 years, starting with the first book Anastasia by Vladimir Megré.

Will you get this excited?

“Basically, these books make all the other books that I've read to date look like a complete waste of paper!” – Rafal, Australia

Many people have found these books to be life-changing. A huge wake-up call. A reminder of who we really are. Over 40,000 letters – expressions of gratitude – were received by the author in just the first 3 years of publication.

A secret "encoded" transmission…

Anastasia told Megré she would help him write his books and that she would encode her words with "an energy" to uplift readers' spirits which, she said, would also cause his books to sell in the millions. Despite his total lack of writing experience, this is exactly what has happened.

Readers feel strange energy as they read…

What makes these books unusual is this mysterious "vibrational energy" that Anastasia's words contain, and her remarkable ability to strike a chord in the heart of the reader.

Something in the purity and power of her words reawakens memory of our long-forgotten "pristine origins" and this is provoking an outpouring of joy and hope in people from all walks of life.

Truly life-changing books…

After reading the Ringing Cedars Series many readers have completely rearranged their lives to reflect a more authentic, connected existence. In this "return to sanity", many are joining together to plan the creation of new community neighbourhoods where each family or individual owns their own piece of land and together take immense pride in creating beautiful family estates – natural paradise-like sanctuaries to be enjoyed by successive generations.

Thousands of readers have felt a huge creative upsurge and started writing poetry and songs and creating works of art. Thousands more have been inspired to begin planting trees and growing healing food gardens in their cities as well as their homes.

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