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I have a *very* special product to tell you about today: Skin Healing Salves, made by my very own hands with herbs from our very own gardens ;0 I am SO excited to share this with you all :)))

I started making Salves about 4 or 5 months


ago after becoming very interested in herbalism. I started to offer these raw, organic/wildcrafted Skin Healing Salves here locally in our area for people to try out and from the very beginning, the response was AMAZING, I am so delighted to say :)))

People use this Salve to help with *all* kinds of skin issues, from stings to bruises to bites to cuts, scratches, knocks, sunburn, rashes (including diaper rash) and even just to moisturise!

...and the feedback has been absolutely remarkable...the Salves are now so popular in our area that every time we go into town, at least one person approaches us to thank us for offering the Salves and telling us their healing story from using it...Mr. M has now started to say to people who approach us "Yes, I know...the Salves are great!"...!

So what's in this "miracle" Salve mixture? It's really very simple... Three plants from our garden: comfrey, plantain and matico, plus olive oil and cacao butter and rosemary and lavender essential oils. That's it! Super-simple and yet SUPER-effective for skin healing...

Comfrey and plantain are well-known skin helpers that have been used by herbalists worldwide for centuries...(btw this is the green plantain leafy plant that grows all over on people's lawns, not anything to do with bananas, in case you were wondering... ;)


maticosafe copy.jpg

Matico might not be familiar to most people, however, so let me share a little abt this amazing plant. Matico (Aristeguietia glutinosa) is found only in Ecuador and is regarded here as a wonderful aide for healing all kinds of conditions from ulcers and inflammation to cuts, bruises, insect bites and even shock.

We are blessed to have various matico plants here on our land (see photo to the left - this is one of the plants here) and we hand-harvest small amounts of the matico leaf in a sustainable way to use in these salves, just as we harvest the comfrey and plantain too on a sustainable small-scale, to ensure the continued presence of all these wonderful healing plants here on our land!

We have a very limited supply of these hand-made Salves to share with y'all through TheRawFoodWorld today: 200 jars to be precise. I literally hand-made every single one of these Salves, from beginning to end...it's a rather involved process and this was as many as I could get made in time!

If you would love to receive one of these 4 oz. jars of precious, hand-made, skin healing Salve, direct from our home to yours, just click HERE and order asap - first come, first served... :)

Here are a few testimonials from people who've already been using the Salve with success:

"I tried the salve on different bug bites, cuts and scars and they healed a lot faster.
The salve has replaced the antibiotic cream that we were using for several years! It's more natural and made with Love (that's a very important secret ingredient!).
It also smells wonderful and the whole family is using it.
I would highly recommend it, in fact I already did..."
Sabine N.

"I used Angela's salve for our baby's eczema and bum rash because I knew I could trust Angela to make something that was safe for my child and because it works! Angela's choice of herbs is also perfect for healing a perineal tear from childbirth. I am using it for perineal massage and the more often I use it, the better I feel. Thanks Angela!"
Roxy F.

"Angela's salve is a daily staple in our home. It is used for bug bites, scrapes, dry skin, and massage. I love the rich creamy texture and knowing that it is 100% natural. Just a small amount can be applied to a large area to deliver potent medicinal benefits. I can see this herbal salve work to nourish and heal topical afflictions!"
Jessica S.

"This salve seems to work miraculously on sunburn, and is very soothing also as a facial cream. I love it!"
Luh-lee M.

...if you try some Salve and have a fun healing story to share with us, please do let us know - we LOVE hearing these stories :)))


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