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BerryBreeze - Fridge Freshener

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 I can’t believe that this product, called the ‘BerryBreeze’ was not invented before!  You simply put it in your refrigerator and it gives off activated oxygen, which neutralizes undesirable microorganisms, germs, mold, yeast, fungus, bacteria and viruses. 


The results of this are incredible and very beneficial for our food and health.


Check out the video below of Angela and I reviewing this product, and you can also read the rest of my write-up further below:






The results of the activated oxygen that the BerryBreeze emanates into our refrigerators is mindblowing.


Produce lasts up to 3 times longer in a refrigerator when the BerryBreeze is used.  As seen in the image of the video above, after six days, berries in a fridge with a BerryBreeze unit were just as fresh as when they were first put in, while the other berries molded and collapsed completely.  The same thing happens with the decaying of celery, lettuce and other vegetables.  The activated oxygen keeps everything fresh and kills all bacteria and other undesirable microorganisms.  My mom’s berries are always going moldy and her other produce in her refrigerator goes bad before they can eat it all and it always ends up in the trash.  I can only imagine how much money we’d all sav*e by using a BerryBreeze.


Furthermore, when we used to go the farmers market, we’d get many heads of vegetables for juicing for the entire week.  Angela and I would spend so much money on buying expensive ziploc bags to store them all.  I’d even add paper towels into the bags to absorb the moisture so the produce would last longer.  With the BerryBreeze, we can just throw the produce directly in the refrigerator, no bags required, so the food can take full advantage of the activated oxygen.


The BerryBreeze doesn’t only work on produce.  It keeps everything fresh, including dairy, meat and all other foods.  It also keeps the smells of other foods such as onions, garlic and fish, from crossing over into other foods in the refrigerator.  Angela actually made some hem*p milk and stored it without a sealed top in the fridge with the BerryBreeze and my onions didn’t affect the milk at all.  After five days, the hem*p milk seemed as fresh as the first day, while in the past, that would not have happened.

The activated oxygen circulates throughout the entire refrigerator, and every four hours, the entire refrigerator is automatically cleaned.  There is no need to use harmful chemicals anymore to clean our refrigerators. 


BerryBreeze has been shown to even be capable of reversing mold on berries to where the mold actually completely disappears.  Pretty crazy!  It also cures ‘Sick Refrigerator Syndrome’, by neutralizing mold and bacteria and keeping your refrigerator and food, clean, fresh and healthy.  You know how sometimes when you open a refrigerator door the smell can nauseate you?  What Angela and I love the most about it, is when we open the refrigerator door now with BerryBreeze inside, it’s like getting a fresh breath of mountain air.  It feels healthy!


I feel that purchasing a BerryBreeze is pretty much a no brainer.  It’s n investment of around $50, one time and each of us will most likely sav*e way more than that every single month for the rest of our lives.  We’ll throw less food away, there’s no need for those expensive plastic bags any more, and no more chemicals are needed for cleaning our refrigerators.  You can also use our store coupons and get a 3-pack of BerryBreezes for even less, to make it even more economical!



BerryBreeze is really simple to use.  You just put in the D batteries, put it on the top shelf of your fridge and it does everything on its own for 6 months.  Then after 6 months you just have to replace the batteries once again.  There are no filters or anything else to change. 


What I also love about the BerryBreeze is that it’s a win win win situation for everyone involved.  We actually sav*e way more money than we give and we help the planet at the same time by lowering our carbon footprint drastically.  We reduce the amount of plastic and containers we use for food and less food spoilage means less municiple waste and carbon emmissions.



BerryBreeze™ is the first device of its kind to be proven effective by independent laboratory tests. It’s a machine that’s inspired by sustainable food practices, and while we’re proud of our design, we’re even prouder of the science behind it. To help you get an idea of what BerryBreeze™ is, how it works and why it’s so important, we thought we’d shed some light on the scientific principles behind the BerryBreeze™ revolution.

BerryBreeze™ keeps your fruits, vegetables, and other food in your fridge from spoiling and decay while maintaining efficacy and nutritional value.


BerryBreeze™ sanitizes your fridge by safely and naturally neutralizing undesirable microorganisms, germs, mold, yeast, fungus, bacteria, and viruses.


BerryBreeze™ can cure “Sick Refrigerator Syndrome” by neutralizing mold and bacteria and keeping your fridge and your food clean, fresh, and healthy.


BerryBreeze™ completely eliminates all unwanted odors, tastes and smells from your refrigerator and your food.


BerryBreeze™ saves you an estimated $2200 per year per household by avoiding spoilage of food in fridge, equivalent to $165 billion a year for all Americans.*


BerryBreeze™ can help feed the Planet. The average American wastes around 40% percent of all edible food and if we were able to save just 15% of that it would be enough to help feed 25 million people.*


BerryBreeze™ can help eliminate pollution. Americans waste over 33 million tons of food per year, which is the largest component of U.S. municipal solid waste and a large portion of methane emissions.


BerryBreeze™ helps save the planet and reduces your carbon footprint for a greener planet by reducing plastic containers, bags, and wraps.


BerryBreeze™ is easy to use and maintenance free. Just put the unit in your fridge and it works without having to remember to replace absorption packs or filters.


BerryBreeze™ is the only refrigerator product to use a superior Patented Technology that produces activated oxygen versus aluminosilicate (absorption packs).

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.