Raw Cereals



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Net Wt. 3 oz

Please note that Vigilant Eats Cereals are not Raw - but Organic + Gluten Free

SUPERFOOD Cereal is SUPER-CONVENIENT. Just add COLD water. HEMPMILK powder inside.

·  No Soy

·  No Dairy

·  No Additives

·  No Preservatives

·  No Refined Sugar

·  All Kosher Ingredients

·  All Organic Ingredients

Coconut Maple Vanilla

If you love Coconut then you will enjoy this delightful flavor. This oat-based cereal includes huge coconut flakes, dates, maple powder, vanilla, lucuma, hemp and coconut palm sugar. A hearty blend of organic coconut, dates and gluten free oats, lightly sweetened with organic maple, lucuma* and organic vanilla extract. Our hempmilk powder blend is delicious with cold water, hot water, milk or yogurt.

·  Gluten-Free Oats

·  Oat Flour

·  Dates

·  Hemp Flour

·  Dried Coconut

·  Coconut Palm Sugar

·  Coconut Flour

·  Lucuma Powder

·  Maple Powder

·  Vanilla Extract



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