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Ringing Cedars, The, Book 7: The Energy of Life by Vladimir Megre

Ringing Cedars, The, Book 7: The Energy of Life by Vladimir Megre


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Book 7 - The Energy of Life

The Energy of Life reasserts the extraordinary power of human thought and reveals the influence our thinking has not only on our lives but also on the destiny of our planet and the Universe.

In this book, Anastasia's grandfather steps in to give Megre a reality check that turns out to be a wake-up call for all of us. Packed with more stunning revelations, The Energy of Life sheds new light on the forgotten pages of humanity's history, on religion, on the roots of inter-racial and inter-religious conflict and even on what constitutes ideal nutrition.

This book shows the way to solve the problems of crime, corruption, misery, conflict, war and violence. It reveals practical ways to consciously control and build up the power of our creative thought. It shows how a new way of thinking together with a lifestyle in harmony with Nature can lead to true happiness.

There is a law of the Universe which says: A single Creator inspired by love is stronger than all the sciences combined, which are deprived of love. ~ Anastasia
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