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Cancer's Best Medicine 2nd Edition By; Mauris L. Emeka

Cancer's Best Medicine 2nd Edition By; Mauris L. Emeka


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Mauris Emeka has published a groundbreaking work on cancer. "We are losing the war on cancer; our approach is all wrong," says Emeka. He points out that the malignant tumor commonly thought to be 'the cancer' is but a symptom of cancer. The book notes that cancer itself is the process that causes the tumor symptoms. It further notes that conventional treatment almost always ignores one proven fact: the fact that cancer is a chronic metabolic disease arising from dietary deficiencies. This 64-page self-help book explains what individuals can do to stop the process of cancer, and in turn prevent malignant tumor symptoms from forming. Since cancer develops because of a problem with the body's metabolism, it is most important to understand that this dreaded disease is closely linked to diet and lifestyle. According to Mr. Emeka, the cure for cancer will continue to be a mystery as long as it is insisted that cancer is solved by simply shrinking or removing the malignant tumor(s). Upon reading this book it becomes clear that less attention should be given to the local nature of cancer and more focus put on the malfunctioning process that causes malignant tumors to form. Topics covered in "Cancer's Best Medicine" include the benefits of deep green leafy vegetable juicing, Essiac tea, apricot kernels (the source of laetrile), flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, unrefined virgin coconut oil, and stress reducing measures, to mention a few. It also discusses how to accomplish the following: 1.) make the body chemistry less acidic and more alkaline, 2.) strengthen the immune system, and 3.) introduce more digestive enzymes and oxygen into the body. These things are said to be crucial for creating an environment where the process of cancer cannot thrive. This book is a 'back to basics' approach for nourishing the body to enhance its own healing power. And the good news is that each person can choose to nourish his or her body with foods and lifestyle practices that fortify it against the ravaging affects of cancer.

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