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Cardamom Essential Oil- 5ml

The healing energy of Cardamom Essential Oil draws upon over four thousand years of medicinal use. Enjoyed by the Ancient Greeks and Romans as a fragrant perfume, cardamom oil also carries powerful healing benefits. The Ancient Egyptians would use cardamom to freshen and clean their mouths, teeth, and gums, while the Vikings used the fragrant spice in their cooking and wine making. Our Cardomom Essential Oil is organically sourced from the wild plants of Costa Rica, where the spice grows in fragrant green pods. Cardamom is one of the most luxurious, sought-after spices in the world. In Saudi Arabia, cardamom coffee is the most universally popular drink in the entire country, with the spice being the key ingredient to what we now think of as “Arabian Coffee.” Cardamom’s medicinal uses date back to 1,500 BCE, when the healing properties of the plant were included in an Ancient Egyptian medical document known by anthropologists as The Ebers Papyrus. Ancient Indian Brahmanic scriptures prescribed cardamom for weight loss, urinary tract infections, jaundice, indigestion, and bad breath. Many modern Indians still chew cardamom wrapped in betel nut leaves to aid digestion and freshen breath after a meal. With its invigorating scent and mood-stabilizing properties, cardamom oil treats indigestion, relieves sore or spasmodic muscles, alleviates depression, and protects against internal infections. Our Cardamom Essential Oil captures the spicy mysteriousness of ancient medicinal wisdom. Cardamom’s seed pods are like green diamonds of resilient strength. An ancient aphrodisiac that is lovely as a fragrance or a drop in honey. These sweet and spicy gems are uplifting and inspiring with their exotic fragrance. Cardamom is known for stimulating a digestive system that has been compromised by stress. It inspires strength and stability and supports clear, uncompromising action attuned to the frequency of Clarity.


Botanical Name: Elettaria cardamomum Extraction Method: Steam Part of Plant Distilled: Fruit Country of Origin: Costa Rica Cultivation Method: Organic Scent Description: warm, sweet and spicy with a hint of green-eucalyptus In Libations Products: Love Wine, Digest the Best, Yogi Tooth Serum Blends Well With: Cinnamon, Clove, Thyme, Ylang, rose otto, frankincense and orange Uses: a delicious culinary oil, just a drop or two of cardamom will bring exotically sweet spice to your favorite dishes. It also has the added medicinal benefits of supporting the digestive system. Cardamom may also be massaged into the belly or anointed on the solar plexus or feet for this purpose, as well. Add Cardamom to a massage blend to calm nerves, ease sciatica and stimulate the immune system. In a diffusor, Cardamom’s warming spice will vivify any environment.

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