Cellphones the Dark Deception, by Carleigh Cooper

Cellphones the Dark Deception, by Carleigh Cooper


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Cell Phones and The Dark Deception is a very powerful and comprehensive non-fiction book. Unlike any other in its category, this unique document scrutinizes the evidence to resolve a question that has been lingering since 1993: Are Cell Phones Safe? After years of controversy, Cell Phones and The Dark Deception is the only publication that brings all the pieces of this perplexing puzzle together to give readers insight into the truth. When startling news of intentional industry cover-ups and government secretsare exposed by veteran cell phone researchers, industry insiders and government officials, there will no longer be any speculation as to why cell phone users have been falsely ensured of safety. Cell Phones and The Dark Deception answers the tough questions that cell phone users have been asking for years: "If cell phones are really dangerous why aren t we being told?", "Why are there so many contradicting reports on the subject?", and "If cell phones were dangerous, wouldn t the government be protecting us from harm?". All of the public's uncertainties will be addressed in this eye-opening and thought-provoking book. Cell Phones and The Dark Deception is a very insightful and trustworthy resource that candidly identifies several real health hazards which are proven to exist from exposure to non-ionizing radiofrequency microwave radiation, i.e. wireless communication signals.

All of the information in this book is founded on factual statistics and measurable results. The evidence is derived from hundreds of documented, duplicated, published and peer-reviewed scientific data from the numerous global research efforts of governments, world renowned scientists, biophysicists, epidemiologists, and industry-hired experts. All of which are referenced. Among the scientific details of this thought-provoking and easy to read manuscript, Cell Phones and The Dark Deception incorporates a true story of tragedy and heartache. The author's personal recollection of her late husband s misfortune brings the contents of this book closer to home and into a painful reality.

Cell Phones and The Dark Deception is an engaging must-read for cell phone users who are concerned about their health and well-being. It is also highly recommended for parents of young cell phone users and those who wish to ascertain the real truth behind the deception. This 178 page paperback offers an easy-to-understand overview of the cell phone industry and its ethical character, the government's role as it pertains to cell phone safety, and the nature of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), especially the non-ionizing radiofrequency microwave radiation used in wireless communication. The proven consequential impact that this invisible and influential energy has on the human body is truly inconceivable.

That is why one-third of this valuable resource focuses on the hidden health hazards which are established as being directly linked to this particular type of exposure. Find out what you're not being told...and why. Knowledge is power. If you are a cell phone user, you have a right to know the truth. There are ways to reduce your exposure and risk without giving up your cell phone. Don't wait until it's too late. Ignoring the facts doesn't change them.
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