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Ensorcell Serum, 15mL

Ensorcell Serum, 15mL


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Ensorcell Serum, (formely called Cell*Serum) is phytonutrient face food that seeps into cells for cellular respiration and rejuvenation. Powerful anti-oxidants enhance sovereign cellular function. Ingredients of organic: cumin seed, broccoli seed, jojoba oils, with MSM infused into seabuckthorn berry, frankincense, cinnamon, chamomile, lavender, turmeric, and immortelle.

When substances like cinnamon and turmeric with their phytonutrients and molecules that contain mild electrophiles, (the ability to attract electrons), they up-regulate the body"s protective transcription factors (NRF2), this activates more than a dozen protective anti-inflammatory proteins in the cell. When the natural cell-protective mechanism is activated with phytonutrients, the response is far superior to the protective action of anti-oxidants alone, because such anti-oxidants as Vitamin C and Co-Q10 are consumed in the process of neutralizing free radicals; essences like cinnamon and turmeric can provide long term protection to the cell. The plant phenols in the Cell Serum"s essential oils are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, boost immunity, boost lymph function, contribute to normal cell growth, and are anti-bacterial with the added benefit of showing to inhibit the negative enzymes that breakdown elasticity and collagen.

At the Longevity Now Conference, we launched Cell*Serum, as a solution to preventing, youthening, and healing damaged skin cells. The serum sold out immediately! We have just completed a small batch and are at last able to offer it again. This emollient serum is the culmination of ingredients that include substances that:

  • Down regulate inflammation
  • Feed the skin"s immune
  • Activate electrons to boost cell to cell communication
  • Prevent oxidization of lipids
  • Disrupt the wrinkle producing process
  • Have protective and therapeutic micronutrients
  • Inhibit inflammatory transcription factors and inhibit the negative enzymes that breakdown collagen and elastin

    The ingredients are beneficial not only because they are natural, but because they contain in their botanical essence the organizing principles, the active ingredients that relate to cell architecture. (No matter how much a synthetic beauty ingredient is touted to be anti-aging, toxins are bereft of any self-organizing intelligence).
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