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Chamomile Essential Oil, 5ml - Living Libations

Chamomile Essential Oil, 5ml - Living Libations


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Chamomile Essential Oil, 5ml

This ancient oil derives its “name from the Greek, kamai melon, meaning ground apple, because its strong fruity scent resembles that of fallen apples… and was held sacred by the Egyptians who dedicated it to the sun god Ra”. A valued medicinal anoint by the Egyptians, Arab physicians, Moorish people and Saxons. High in esters, “Roman Chamomile has highly physical effects. It is a powerful antispasmodic and muscle relaxant”. This Chamomile has a profoundly coming effect and is well suited as an aromatic inhalant for calming and soothing, and may be applied as an anointing oil or anointment on the chakras, particularly the solar plexus. Roman Chamomile is lovely to inhale in a hot bath, to help one sleep, or to calm nervous conditions and adrenals. It has a sweet, ethereal, mildly herbaceous scent that is pleasant like a ripe apple on a summer breeze.


Botanical Name: Anthemis nobilis Extraction Method: Steam Distillation Part of Plant Distilled: Flowers Country of Origin: France Cultivation Method: Organic Scent Description: floral, fruity, sweet and hay-like In Libations Product: Bedtime Story Blend Blends Well With: Ginger, Cardamom, Rose Otto, Seabuckthorn Berry, Ylang, Frankincense Uses: Roman Chamomile has a great sedating effect when inhaled. It may be used to anoint belly, neck, temples, and shoulders. It may be added to a hot bath, diffuser, or salt pipe for a deep experience of serenity. Try a drop of this essence in honey and added to warm water before bed

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