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The Kuvings Silent Juicer - the universal juicer that meets all your juicing needs...From firm carrots to fine wheatgrass... The Silent Juicer is the last juicer you'll ever need. The Kuvings Silent Juicer may be quiet in its operation but it is loud with features. Its patented extraction technology takes advantage of its low speed to press and extract rather than grind and chew like other juicers do, retaining all the nutrients and enzymes, for a healthier more natural juice every time. Enjoy more, higher quality juice in less time. The Silent Juicer is the first of upright juicers to offer all BPA-Free Juicing components, including juice and pulp cups. No other upright offers this. The Silent Juicer has been designed to fit on your counter under most kitchen cabinets fully assembled with the pusher in place. The Silent Juicer operates at 40-50db, which makes it the quietest juicer available today!

Details and Specifications

Juice Quality

o in independent testing, juice quality has been found to be low pulp, high yield with a smoothness and consistency that is noticeably improved on the palate versus competing uprights.

Product Quality

o Award Winning - Winner of the Gold Medal Award at the 2010 International Invention Fair
o Patented technology - JMCS (Juicer Module Comprising System) Juicing Screw.
o Full 10 year warranty on the entire unit. NUC has already established US service and support for its existing Kuvings branded items
o Silent Operation - The Silent Juicer operates at 40-50 dB compared to the typical 80-95 dB of most high speed juicers. For comparison, a normal conversation is 60 dB, and a lawnmower is 90 dB. Any sound over 85 dB can cause hearing loss.

Feature Set

o Full Ultem Juicing Screw Auger and Strainer (screen) - 8 times stronger than other plastics used in brands without Ultem components
o BPA Free juicing components include the juicing bowl/basket (Tritan), wiping screen (ABS with silicone rubber wiping fins), juice cup (Tritan), pulp cup (Tritan), feed tube (ABS) and tamper (ABS).
o Brushless AC, Powerful motor - 330 Watt 3 squeezing HP equivalent with gear deductions, makes fast work of hard veggies
o Low Speed 78 RPM motor
o Available initially in White Pearl with a red screen wiper (NS-750), the Silent Juicer is also available for Pre-order in Silver Pearl with Black touches (NS-850) due by the third week of May.
o Two step safety start system - All parts must be assembled properly in the first step, with the second step of locking the lid that activates the power switch.
o Easy to Clean - For cleaning between juicing cycles, just pour water into the juicer and it will self clean, ready for juicing again. After juicing, the juicing bowl and base come apart easily for cleaning.
o Built in handgrip for easy portability
o Stylish, compact design
o Added Safety - the power switch is covered with a rubber protective cap to keep moisture away when operating

10 Year Warranty

o A Full 10 year Warranty is provided for all units sold within the United States on the entire machine and all parts.

What's in the box


  • Complete juicer assembly (base, bowl, juicing screw, rotation wiper, strainer, lid with feed tube, and tamper)


  • BPA Free Tritan juice cup


  • BPA Free Tritan pulp container


  • Over-sized cleaning brush


  • Full color instruction manual


  • A Beautiful Full color 75 page+ Recipe Book

    Approximate Dimensions:


  • Depth: 6.49"


  • Height: 17.12"


  • Width: 9.64"
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