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Matt's Stone-Ground Organic Almond Butter, 16oz

Matt's Stone-Ground Organic Almond Butter, 16oz
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1 - 999 units $/unit

I am 100% certain that this is the best almond butter that has ever been seen in the history of mankind!

I personally developed it and I paid an arm and a leg to have it stone-ground for 3 days straight to where it turns into a liquid caramel consistency. This almond butter is even better than the previous batch of almond butter that I produced!

As you will see in tomorrow's video, I was personally taste testing different batches of almonds. I didn't use the typical European bitter almonds for this Almond Butter. I have found the sweetest truly raw unpasteurized almonds ever. I am certain that this will be the sweetest tasting almond butter that you have ever had!

It took me awhile to get my almond butter back, because I couldn't find anyone to stone-grind it the way I wished.

Many stone grinders go above the raw 118 degrees temperature... So... I talked to my old raw food friend who owns Dastony, asking if he can stone-grind it for 3-days. It cost me an arm and a leg to take up their machines for that long, as they only stone-grind their own almond butter for about one day.

There machines max out at 100F in the beginning phases of grinding, but then cools down to 86F. I had him take a temperature gun on the 3rd day of grinding to show the temperature at only 86F, as you can see in the image to the right and in tomorrows video.

This almond butter is so good that some people don't even believe me that there is only one ingredient (almonds) in this almond butter.

I've even had to argue about it before lol.

We have about 950 jars of almond butter in stock and it will take us 3 weeks to get more when we run out. We are probably going to sell out in the first week is my guess.
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