Organic Black Chia Seeds, 1 Pound

Organic Black Chia Seeds, 1 Pound


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The Chia Seed is an amazing food. For centuries many have used the seeds for a host of different reasons. Native Americans would take a pouch of seeds and a gourd of water on their trips. The seeds were their food source and taken with the water they would hydrate their bodies for endurance. When you hydrate the seeds in water the seeds shell opens up and absorbs up to nine times its volume in water. This then forms a gel, which is called Chia Seed Gel. The gel helps keep your body hydrated. The gel is also 90% soluble fiber, which is beneficial for your digestive track. People use the seeds when they are involved in sports or physical activities for endurance.

The seeds have twice the protein of any other seed or grain, five times the calcium of milk, boron which is trace mineral that helps transfer calcium into your bones, omega 3 and omega 6 which are essential oils for the body. They also have a very long list of valuable nutrients in them naturally. The soluble fiber in the gel forms a wall between carbohydrates and the body, releasing them slowly into the body. This has been found to be very helpful for people who have trouble controlling their sugar levels like Diabetics. Dieters love the seeds because it can be added to any food or drink in a ratio of 75% to the volume of food or drink and will not change the taste. Because the carbohydrates are released slowly you will get the feeling of being full. Many use the seeds as a way to control their appetites. The gel has no taste.

The best way to use the seeds is to take the seeds already hydrated so they will not absorb your own body fluids to hydrate. The seeds may be added to anything from water to juice and any food. Any age bracket could benefit from adding the seeds to their diet. Whether it is for physical activity, added nutrition, controlling weight or sugar levels, the seeds have been known to help all of these The most unique part is that it is only a seed, nothing artificial and the cost is minimal. I have many satisfied customers who swear by the Chia seeds. The seeds speak for themselves. When you receive the seeds, first hydrate them and store them in the refrigerator. They will last for three weeks, just use as needed and add to any food or liquid. They may be taken plain as well. Some of my customers will take the dry seeds to work with them and then add them to their drinks or food if they aren't able to store the gel. If you take the seeds dry make sure you use some kind of liquid so that you wont use the liquids from your own body. I can't say enough about the seeds and just how beneficial they can really be. I have seen my customer's response to the seeds and it has been very overwhelming. Finally, there seems to be a way to help your body stay hydrated, control sugar levels, maintain or lose weight and supply your body with the much-needed nutrients all naturally and at a low cost.

I personally take the seeds to help with hydration and my digestive tract. I also feel better now that I am getting the nutrients my body needs without all the additives it doesn't need. I hope you will try the seeds for yourself. Once you try them you will be able to judge for yourself the benefits. You do not need too much protein or omega 3 and 6 so the maximum of the gel you will need is three tablespoonfuls three times a day of the gel. Once a day you may substitute one tablespoon of dry seeds in place of the three tablespoons of gel. Along with the seeds you will receive directions on how to make the gel and their nutritional values.

Directions for using Chia Seeds

Put 1/3 cup dry seeds into two cups of warm water whisk, wait fifteen mins then whisk again then store gel in refrigerator .Use three tablespoons three times a day of the gel (seeds hydrated).

You can mix them into any drink or food and may even just take the gel. Once a day you can take up to one tablespoon of the dry seeds and add them to fluid or sprinkle them on food and drink fluid at the same time so the seeds hydrate from the fluid. Depending on the reason you are taking the seeds you may choose the time to take the one-tablespoon of dry seeds. Either before a workout or meal or in the morning. If you are taking the one-tablespoon daily in fluid you can do what I do with mine. So not to have to mix it every day and wait for the seeds to hydrate I take seven bottles (20oz.Size) of purified water, and seven tablespoons of dry seeds and mix in a bowl. Whisk and then fifteen mins. whisk again. Pour back into bottles and refrigerate.

If you want to have juice added to your bottle just add two cans of juice concentrate into the water and seed gel and mix before you place back into bottles. (You will need two empty bottles for the extra due to the juice concentrate)

Every day I just take out the bottle already prepared and drink it. The rest of the day I take three tablespoons of gel at lunchtime and at dinnertime. You will know your body and what is right for you. The most you need to take is three tablespoons three times a day of the gel with one serving being replaced with one tablespoon of dry seeds with liquid if wanted.

Uses For Chia Seeds

You can mix the Chia Gel - Fruit juices, smoothies, milk, shakes,jams, jellies,preserves,syrups, lemonade, yogurt, nut butters, hot cereal, cold cereal, polenta, grits, pancake and waffle mix (use 1 tablespoon per pancake), mustard, bbq sauce, tarter sauce, dips, soups, mayonnaise, salad dressings, or used instead of oil or shortening in baking. Up to 75%, by weight, of the gel may be added to anything without loss of flavor while enhancing texture and cutting fat calories 30 to 50 percent. Add to anything you wish for reducing calories, saturated fat and sugar amounts without compromising sensory appeal. It is a dieters dream food and its use is limitless.

Digestive Aid

Use of 2-3 tablespoons Chia gel with each meal for better assimilation of food, increases nutrient absorption and encourages better elimination. It also prevents indigestion and heartburn without risk of harmful side effects. An exceptional food for Diabetics as it slows the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar which stabilizes blood sugar and regulates the body's absorption of fluids, i.e. electrolyte balance, more efficiently.

Incorporating Chia seeds into your daily diet will enhance the nutrient absorption of all foods, including nutritional supplements. As an Aid in GERD, Ulcers, Gastritis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I myself have Gerd (Gastro Esophagus Reflux Disease), acute gastritis, a gastric ulcer and IBS. I have dealt with these conditions for almost 20 years. I have taken all the medications from Tagament to Prevacid. In using the Chia Seeds myself, I always told my customers not to use the Chia Seeds without a fluid because it would hydrate from the fluid in your stomach.

One day my stomach was hurting real bad because of the acid. I took one tablespoon of dried seeds with just enough water to get them down. I waited for five minutes and then I drank more water to finish hydrating the seeds. It worked! The seeds hydrated from the acid in my stomach. The pain stopped. :)

The part that impressed me the most was that I was relieving the pain as well as getting all the benefits the seeds have to offer. Now I do recommend taking the Chia Seeds dry only if you have a lot of acid in your stomach. At 10 cents a serving it is a natural alternative to high price prescription drugs. A lot of my customers have used the seeds this way. I also recommend them to my customers who have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) because of the high soluble fiber in the Chia Seed gel. Only if you have a lot of acid in your stomach, should you take them dry with no water till five minutes later.

Chia Milk (makes full blender jar / 5 cups)

·  4 Tbsp. Chia seeds

·  2 Tbsp. Walnuts

·  2 Tbsp. Raw sesame tahini

·  2 Tbsp. Unheated, unfiltered honey, dash of vanilla (optional)

·  5 cups water

In a jar or glass, soak seeds and walnuts overnight in 3 cups of water. Pour into blender jar, add 1 cup of water, and turn on blender, running it at medium speed. With blender running, add tahini, honey, and vanilla, and then add 1 more cup of water. Blend only until smooth.

Chia milk is rich in EFAs and protein. Because of the soaking, it is also particularly rich in enzymes. Because of Chia seeds' antioxidants, it will keep well in your refrigerator. Use it within a week as a substitute for other forms of milk. (Maybe you'll decide that Chia milk isn't a substitute for anything; rather, other forms of milk are a substitute for Chia milk.)

Chia Seeds for pets

I have had many customers also give their pets the Chia seeds and have been approached by companies who sell animal food and snacks with Chia Seeds added. They will do the same for your animals as they do for you. You can take the information to your vet and he will advise you.


Where do you get your Chia seed?
We source our chia seed from Mexico.

How is it processed?
Goes thru a shaking and sifting process to clean.

Does it see any heat treatment?
Absolutely NO heat treatment.

Is the soil it's farmed on naturally rich or fortified with fertilizers?
No fertilizers or chemicals are used, Chia is naturally rich.

Where did you get the information regarding the nutritional factors in the comparisons you gave in the items description?
The information comes from our Supplier. Also, our chia seed will go thru testing from FDA at customs and have COA along with each shipment.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.