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Shaman Shack uses only non-GMO organic miso in the product Sea Clear. It is also a Gluten free product because they use rice and soy.

Sea-Clear, a 100% organic, non-GMO, unpasteurized living probiotic superfood product is the result of over two years research and development by Rehmannia. Fermented kelp has been documented to significantly aid the body in removing unwanted accumulations of heavy metals and radiation. Here we ferment kelp and Chlorella, which may increase nutrient bio-availabity by softening the hard cell walls- without the use of high temperature cooking, then preserved in a miso base. This high-power mixture includes apple cider vinegar and tumeric, and makes a great spread on crackers or a veggie dip, also great diluted in water or soup.

We can't speak highly enough about Sea-Clear. Rehmannia Dean Thomas developed this product over two years of experimentation, based on Japanese and Russian research, that fermented kelp could successfully remove radiation and heavy metals from the body. His intention was to create the most effecive metals chelating product available. This work eventually evolved into Sea-Clear; a blend of fermented Kelp and Chlorella in a sweet Miso base with apple cider vinegar, tumeric and more. This product is a 100% organic living food, enzyme and pro-biotic rich and has a tasty, tangy bite. Quite good on veggie sticks, crackers, or diluted in water or soup. Sea-Cear may be one of the healthiest food products available, it makes a great trek food, as it does not spoil easily or quickly. Sea-Clear is a biologically stable product that can last in room temperature for a long time.

Ingredients: Organic non-GMO organic soybeans miso, raw apple cider vinegar, fermented kelp (Kombu), Chlorella, Tumeric, Black pepper.

Special Note
From Rehmannia Dean Thomas, the steward of this food, to us who are wondering if it is indeed a Living Food:
Legumes such as soy must be heat treated at first to kill out any bacteria, they are steamed, but then probiotic bacteria is introduced and the bean paste fermented for 90 days, and sometimes 180 days, in order to reintroduce living energy back into the product. This process renders legumes like soy and barley miso into a highly digestible state, and the final product is considered a living food. Fermenting soy removes allergenic properties and changes the isoflavones to a benign state.

This is non-GMO, organic soy miso. A very important food throughout human history as a protein source, and very beneficial for the intestinal bacterial composition. The seaweed in the product pulls metals out of the body by attaching to them while in the intestines, preventing their re-absorbtion and chelating them out of the body.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.