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Chia Coconut Cereal (12oz)- Lydia's Organics EXP 09/29/2019

Chia Coconut Cereal (12oz)- Lydia's Organics EXP 09/29/2019

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Product Description

Chia-Coconut Cereal Sweetener Free!

One of the most nutritious foods on the planet, chia seeds taste great and are loaded with omega-3's and antioxidants. The word "chia" is the ancient Mayan word for "strength" - a testament to the chia seed's ability to provide sustained energy and endurance. Great to have on hand around the home for a quick snack, or as a nourishing emergency food or even for camping!

To prepare, stir 5 tbsp. of Chia-Coconut Cereal with 8-10 oz. hot or cold nut milk (or water) until thickened. Fun for kids to make and it's healthy and tastes great too!

Silky smooth with the awesome texture of coconut bits, crunchy sprouted sunflower seeds, chewy raisins & apples, and delightful little chia pop crunches! Ingredients: *chia seeds, *coconut, *raisins, *sprouted sunflower seeds, *apples, *cinnamon, *cardamom & ♥. *Organic

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