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Chocolate Mocha (Lip Balm) LOVER LIPS - Living Libations


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Chocolate Mocha (Lip Balm) LOVER LIPS - Living Libations


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Living Libation's nourishing blend of exotic oils, natural waxes, and plant extracts create a moisture-drenched lip balm formula that will leave your lips and lovers fully satiated. Smooth, soothing and long-lasting, our moisturizing balm glides easily onto lips, leaving you ready for just about anything the day throws your way.

Fresh pressed pure oils and potent essences provide a moisture barrier that keeps lips soft and supple, even when exposed to environmental elements. Our creamy, lustrous formula means we got your lips covered.

With flavors like Chocolate Mocha, Rose Glow, Hot Cinnamon and Vanilla Chamomile, these pure plant-based balms will nourish and hydrate even the driest lips.

Each flavor is a beautiful bouquet of healing plant power. Pure plant oils like jojoba and seabuckthorn are infused with organic essential oils and wax from local happy beehives.v The beauty of botanicals will keep your lips plump and kissable all day long.

Our Chocolate-Mocha Lover Lips Lip Balm is creamy chocolate goodness swirled with dashes of coffee and vanilla. This sensual, healing balm will awaken your senses, indulge your desires and deeply soothe your lips. Pure Organic Ingredients: Golden jojoba oil, happy beeswax, and ground cacao infused with vanilla, lemon, chamomile and coffee essential oils.

Popular with all ages, Chocolate Mocha Lover Lips is a sensory " and sensual " delight. Indulge yourself with something sweet while moisturizing your lips with unabashed deliciousness.

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