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Rawmio, Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Truffles (54 Hearts)

Rawmio, Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Truffles (54 Hearts)


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Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Truffles - 54 Hearts

These raw chocolate hearts feature a rich and fudge-like chocolate hazelnut ganache filling enrobed in velvety smooth, 70% cacao dark chocolate. And the incredible thing? We’ve done it with just 4 wholesome ingredients. There are no additives in these chocolates, only 100% organic, real ingredients combined in small batches with an artisanal touch. Whether you’re treating your significant other, or your own lovable self, these exquisite confections are the perfect edible expression of love.

Each tray contains 54 immaculate hearts.


70% Dark Organic Raw Chocolate (Raw Cacao Nibs*, Coconut Sugar*, Cacao Butter*). Filling: Raw Cacao Nibs*, Raw Hazelnuts*, Coconut Sugar*)

*Certified Organic

**Seasonal Item ** In the SUMMER...chocolate melts. We recommend purchasing an ice pack to go around your chocolate to help ensure the consistency of your goodies. Unfortunately, during the warmer months, the Raw World cannot guarantee that your melt-ables will not melt on their way to you
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