Clean & Green, by Berhold-Bond, Annie

Clean & Green, by Berhold-Bond, Annie


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Clean & Green
The Complete Guide to Nontoxic and Environmentally Safe Housekeeping
by Berthold-Bond, Annie

Now You Can Clean, Polish and Disinfect Naturally Clean & Green is filled with new and traditional ideas for living free of hazardous household products

  • Create a "fantastic" cleaner and a "soft scrubber"
  • Clean produce effectively
  • Eliminate mold without toxic disinfectants
  • Discover the cleaning power of lemon, rhubarb and other plants
  • Use little-known cleaning agents like pumice and zeolite
  • Make your own car wax, rust inhibitor and engine degreaser
  • Rediscover gentle disinfectants like pine oil and borax
  • Create a healthier environment with air-filtering houseplants
  • Preserve bulk cleaning formulas naturally
  • Wash floors with a flea-fighting soap
  • Personalize homemade cleaners with your favorite natural fragrance

    Choose the best commercial products available from the natural food store, supermarket, and by mail
    "I never thought a book (or anything else) could make me enthusiastic about housecleaning, but this book has!"
    -Donella Meadows, Adjunct professor of environmental studies, Dartmouth College

    "The ultimate in childproofing. Every home needs this veritable encyclopedia of nontoxic, environment-friendly cleaning products...." -Wendy Gordon Rockefeller, Co-chair, Mother and Others for a Livable Planet

    A Clean Environment Starts At Home
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