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Organic or wild-crafted in accordance with European standards, our flavor are being obtained through a proprietary technology excluding diluents, colorants, preservatives, etc. Conducted at temperature below 118F, the technological process comprises a multi-stage extraction encompassing initial desiccation, lyophilization, CO2 and HFC extraction. Lemon, orange, rum, and apricot flavors are obtained by additionally employing ethanol extraction imbuing them with some 5% residual ethanol. Water and oil soluble, all our flavor extracts are highly concentrated and contain no sugars or calories. Consistent comparisons with other products on the market have revealed our flavor potency being over 30-70 times higher, i.e. 1-5 drops of our flavor equal up to a tea spoon of other flavors.

To flavor water, 2-3 drops of our flavors are sufficient for 16 oz.

This is my most FAVORITE new product that we've received in quite some time. These Extracts are REVOLUTIONARY and... could change your life! LADIES!!!, Ladies... LADIES! Put on your seat belt, because you are about to go on a ROLLERCOASTER of a RIDE!!! These natural flavor extracts are FIFTY times stronger than any other extract we've ever seen on the market... AND... The available flavors are RARE for Extracts, taste AMAZING!!!...AND!!! contain no alcohol & NO caffeine. It is removed during the extraction process. These extracts are made by a cold process extraction. They are not cooked at any high temperatures and are considered 'Raw'. These Extracts are ideal for raw foodists and are Wildcrafted or Sustainably Organically Grown!!!

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is the Dark Chocolate Extract! INSANE!!! Add it to ANYTHING!!! My first experment with it was adding it to blended coconut and honey. We only added a few drops and it changed the taste into a DECADENT creamy chocolate topping for our Banana Ice Cream. Ladies... You will fall into ECSTASY here, I KNOW IT!!! You get the decadent taste of chocolate without any caffeine/theobromine stimulating effects. PLUS, your endorphins will still be flying from the experience on your taste buds. Angela LOVES these flavored extracts also. She went to a women's get-together here in our community with a chocolate-flavored coconut treat for everyone to share; all of the women were FLOORED and wanted to get their hands on some of this chocolate extract. Check out the video below and you will sense how miraculous these extracts are!


Every Single one of these flavors is OUTSTANDING, unique, and POTENT!!! I suggest to get ONE OF EACH of the following flavors that we carry. (Well...maybe two of the Dark Chocolate ;-):

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