Confessions of a Body Builder, by By Bob McCauley

Confessions of a Body Builder, by By Bob McCauley


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Confessions of a Body Builder
Rejuvenating the Body with Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Foods & Ionized Water
By Bob McCauley

Softcover - 110 pages

Written for the layman, this is the clearest explanation of Ionized Water available on the market. This book is NOT about lifting weights and pumping iron. COABB is about building the body at a cellular level with nutrients and water. The two things we most lack in our diet are water and enzymes. The most important element for the body is water and there is no better water to drink than Ionized Water. Enzymes are found only in raw fruits and vegetables. The most powerful foods are Spirulina and Chlorella. Discover how supplementing your diet with these incredible whole foods and ionized water can save your health and help you to prevent diseases of every kind.

The "Three Pillars of Great Health" are adequate water and proper nutrition, regular exercise and maintaining a positive mental and spiritual attitude.

When we talk about reversing the aging process, we can only be referring to renewal of the body's cells. The most efficient and natural way to achieve this is to drink Ionized Water and provide the body with the exact nutrients and enzymes it needs.
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