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Even though onions linger on our breath, who doesn’t love a basket of onion rings with ranch or ketchup!? Try Just Pure Foods’ much healthier Crispy Onion Rings, without all the oil and grease with your favorite vegan or raw dip! - •Made from certified organic vegetables and seasonings, such as Himalayan rock salt •Ingredients include yellow onion, sprouted sunflower seeds, zucchini, carrots, hemp seeds, sprouted buckwheat, dates, and seasonings •All ingredients dried at low temperatures to keep heat-sensitive enzymes, nutrients and flavors intact for health benefits and taste •Vegan and raw, plus this product is gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, yeast-free, artificial chemical-free and pesticide-free All the flavor of onion rings in crispy bite-size pieces. These are addictive. They are baked at low temperatures, not fried, yet achieve the addictive crunchiness of their unhealthy fried counterparts. The "batters" contain ingredients like buckwheat, sunflower seeds, mesquite powder, and flax seeds, making for a prize winning combination of nutrients and flavor. "Highly nutritious and insanely delicious" is their tagline and we'd have to agree. Meet the Producer: Just Pure Foods creates foods that are highly nutritious and insanely delicious. They source pure foods of the highest quality, free of chemicals and pesticides, and minimally processed for the benefit of your health. They also encourage a healthy lifestyle that integrates raw, organic, and minimally processed foods that enhance your well-being. Raw foods are packed with nutrition and enzymes, and cooking them reduces their nutritional value, leaving you eating more with less nourishment. The Supernatural Snacks at Just Pure Foods are low temperature dried to keep all of their enzymes and nutrients intact. Lose weight snacking in the raw, because with a balanced diet of pure, organic foods, your body will restore itself to vital health.
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