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Aguaje Powder 1 lb

Aguaje Powder 1 lb
  • 1 - 2 units - $19.95
    $19.95 / unit
  • 3 - 11 units - $17.96
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1 - 2 units. $19.95/unit
3 - 11 units. $17.96/unit
> 12 units. $15.97/unit

Hey Everyone! We have a brand new Superfood for you today! Aguaje is an extraordinary South American fruit, containing between 5 to 8 times the beta-carotene of carrots, making it the most concentrated natural plant source of beta-carotene (Vitamin "A") in the world. It is also loaded with Vitamin E, Vitamin C and has a decent amount of protein, which makes Aguaje a potent Superfood, abundant in antioxidants. Where Aguaje grows, the locals aren't giving their children carrots... Instead, you will find street sellers on every corner offering this fruit whole or making Aguaje juice and children munch on this crisp, neon yellow palm fruit covered in maroon scales.

Aguaje is part of the staple diet of millions of people in the Amazon regions of Peru, who consume this fruit daily, both men and women. The natives there call Aguaje the 'Tree of Life', because of its many health benefits.

Not only is Aguaje the most concentrated natural plant source of beta-carotene in the world, it also contains a considerable quantity of plant hormones, also known as Phytohormones. These phytohormones are the chemicals that regulate the growth of the plant. These are naturally occurring compounds, which have been said to mimic the female hormones such as estrogen in the human body.

This means that eating Aguaje has the potential to gently and naturally supplement hormones such as estrogen and provide support to balance women's hormonal systems, especially for those who are undergoing menopause. Aquaje helps to balance the hormonal system in a completely different way to Maca. Aguaje helps to balance through phytohormones. Maca does not contain any special hormones, rather it contains the nutrients necessary to support optimal hormone production. With Aguaje and Maca together, you are addressing the situation from two completely different angles!

Fellas, I recommend making sure that your woman is taking this new Superfood! Any chance to help balance a woman's hormonal system is surely a blessing. Furthermore, it's also stated all over the internet that due to the abundance of these phytohormones in Aguaje, women who consume this fruit may often find it to naturally enlarge breasts and round the thigh and buttocks area. In fact, you can find many internet marketers putting Aquaje in capsules in a bottle and marketing it for this purpose at $30 for 5oz! Peru's natives have used this plant for hundreds of years, and they swear by it for dealing with menopausal symptoms; they also claim that the fruit restores fertility and warn women over 40 to not eat too much of it!

As the primary "female" hormone, estrogen promotes the growth and health of the female reproductive organs and keeps the vagina moisturized, elastic/stretchy, and well supplied with blood. If you naturally produce less estrogen, which results in low fertility and other issues, you may benefit greatly from the phytohormones in Aquaje! Estrogen levels generally decline during perimenopause, in an irregular fashion. The reduced production of estrogen beginning in perimenopause can affect sexual function directly, such as through vaginal dryness. It can also do so indirectly, in the form of hot flashes and night sweats, which can drain your energy and undermine your desire for sex as a result. The reduced production of estrogen can also result in the thinning of your bones, which may lead to a decline in health and bone breaks (osteoporosis). Furthermore, on Wikipedia it states "Evidence is accruing that phytoestrogens may have protective action against diverse health disorders, such as prostate, breast, bowel, and other cancers, cardiovascular disease, brain function disorders and osteoporosis.[1][8][9][10]"

Aquaje is also consumed by men in Peru however, and they say that these phytohormones do not affect males adversely as they do not alter their hormone levels, because phytohormones are only recognized by specific hormone receptors abundant in the female tissues and quite rare in men. I've also seen clinical studies that state that isoflavones, which are phytoestrogens, do not alter testosterone concentrations in men, nor do they have any effect on sperm concentration, count or motility and also lead to no observable changes in testicular or ejaculate volume.

As usual with all of our Superfoods, we have the highest quality Aguaje Powder now available. In fact, we are the only ones selling this product right now in the Raw Foods Movement. It is 100% Raw Aguaje powder without any other ingredients added. We don't spray the Aguaje with maltodextrin, which is a trick that many other raw food companies use with Camu Powder, resulting in a tangy flavor and bright pink powder, while claiming it is 100% Camu with zero other ingredients and 100% raw at the same time. We make sure that our Aquaje ripens on the palm tree before picking, so that it has its full nutrient spectrum intact. It is then dried and ground down at low temperatures. Our Aguaje is 100% raw and the highest quality available.

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Recap of our new Aguaje Superfood:

  • Most concentrated plant source of beta-carotene Vitamin A (5 - 8 times more than carrots!)
  • High in Vitamin A, C, E, with a decent amount of protein
  • Contains considerable quantities of phytohormones, which have been said to mimic estrogen in the human body.
  • Reduced production of estrogen can affect your sexual function directly, such as through vaginal dryness, hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Reduced production of estrogen can also result in the thinning of your bones, which may lead to a decline in health and bone breaks (osteoporosis).
  • Natives swear by Aquaje for hormonal support during menopause and increased fertility.
  • Locals & internet claim Aguaje supports a woman’s body to take shape naturally, including:
    Thighs, hips and bottom
    May enlarge breasts
    Helps balance weight

    Check out the video below that Matt Monarch did on Aguaje:

    Aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa) also known as the moriche palm or buriti, is a palm tree. The most valuable asset of Aguaje is its fruit which is rich in Phytoestrogens, vitamins, and mineralsthat enhance the internal and external health of your body, skin and hair.

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