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Includes a Deluxe Colema board and 7-Day Cleanse with beet tablets

  • Whole Beet Plant juice, 150 tabs
  • Detoxificant1qt. (Bentonite)
  • Intestinal Cleanser, 10oz. (Psyllium)
  • GREENLIFE, 360 Tabs
  • Wheat Germ Oil 120 caps
  • Natural Source Vitamin C, 120 tabs
  • Sample bottle of Herbal Supplement, 15 tabs

  • Free Shipping to the 48 states

  • One piece, hard plastic construction.

  • Dimensions: 44'' x 18 3/4".

  • Weight 21 lbs.

  • Quick Cleanup.

    Each Colema Board® includes the following:

  • Two disposable rectal tips

  • Complete Tubing Assembly (6 ft. long tubing, tubing joints for assembly, and a clamp) Click here for metric conversions.

  • Instructions for assembly and use (not shown)

  • Syringe for starting the water siphon

  • Instructional Video (15 minutes)

  • Comfort Pad

    The Deluxe Colema Board® is an attractive one-piece model. There is no splashguard to assemble - it is part of the Board itself. The Deluxe Board is a little bulky at the splashguard end, so it will not store as easily as the other models, however, it may be stored upright in a bathroom or closet. The slightly wider Deluxe Board (3 inches wider) and more durable construction may provide more comfort and support for a larger person than the Original or Folding Board models.

    Keep in mind, however, that all three Colema Board® models will give you the same results. Your decision may be based on your needs such as: cost, storage space, physical body weight and looks.

    Professional Colonics - Professional colonic systems vary, however, most will flush the colon quickly using water pressure. The therapist may use massage for better results. However, when professional colonics are cost prohibitive or unavailable. The Colema Board® is affordable and available for repeated use.

    Enemas - Usually a 2qt bag and tubing is used in administering a lower bowel flush, in a knee bent position. For evacuation, the tip is removed and the fluid is expelled into the toilet. The procedure is repeated as necessary - 2qts each time.

    The Colema Board® - is designed to flush the lower and upper colon with the ease of a one-time rectal insertion and continuous evacuations without removal of the tip. By utilizing a 5 gallon bucket, water and/or a solution is dispensed at will and without getting off the board to expel. Any evacuation material will fall into the toilet through the opening beneath the splashguard of the board. This procedure usually takes from 1/2 hour to 1 hour to exhaust a 5 gallon container.

    The board is made of high impact plastic called Polycarbonate. If the board or tubing kit are defective, Colema will replace it without hassle within 30-60 days of purchase. If you use the board you cannot return it because of sanitary reasons. There is no lifetime warranty. This product doesn't need a warranty; it's built to last forever.

    We accept international orders. Email us your full address for shipping quote. Please note that we cannot ship Colema Boards to Mexico or Spain.

    This product is *Non-Returnable / Non-Refundable* unless you receive this product damaged or return the product to unopened within 30 days of purchase.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.