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Dental Kit w/ Healthy Gum Drops - Living Libations


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Dental Kit w/ Healthy Gum Drops - Living Libations


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All items come in a in a great up-cycled kit hand sewn by our favorite seamstress.

Healthy Gum Drops

Potent essential oils of seabuckthorn berry, rose, oregano, peppermint, cinnamon, clove, tea tree, and thyme linalool create an effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal anoint for all aspects of oral care. Add one drop to toothbrush, salt mouth rinse, massage into gums and glide a drop over dental floss to cleanse the tiny spaces in between the teeth.

Neem Enamelizer

Keeping salvia alkaline is essential for healthy mineralized enamel. This alkalinizing polish is made with neem, cinnamon, peppermint, coconut, oil, olive oil, jojoba and spring water. Use only ONE drop on a dry toothbrush. Include Yogi Tooth Serum, Healthy Gum Drops and Truth Tooth Polish for more fun! Shake Well.

Truth Tooth Powder Polish

Exfoliating and brightening: Miracle Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Bicarbonate, Arrowroot and MSM. On a dry brush, add a pinch of powder with a tiny drop of Neem Enamelizer and if desired a drop of Yogi Tooth Serum.

Ionic Tooth Brush * Eco-Solar Charged

A toothbrush for life: The photosensitive titanium rod inside the Soladey toothbrush, converts light into negative ions. Bacteria in plaque act on food, producing acid. Saliva will neutralize the acid, but when plaque builds up, it acts as a barrier and will prevent the neutralization. The secret of this Soladey Toothbrush is a patented Titanium Dioxide (TIC2) Rod, a space age metal that, when exposed to either natural or artificial light, releases negative ions. Mixed together with saliva, those electrons will attract the positive ions (of hydrogen) of the acidity of the dental plaque in a way that the plaque will be disintegrated.

How Does this Toothbrush Work?

Exposed to any kind of luminous source: with an ordinary bulb in the bathroom or, with sunlight.

The photosensitive titanium rod inside the Soladey toothbrush, converts light into negative ions. Toothpaste is not necessary, because the water produced by the saliva is an active element.

Intra-Oral Mirror with LED Light

This oral mirror with super bright LED lights allows one to know/see the inside of their mouth and back molars. This is very useful for seeing the improvement to areas that need special attention.

Smart Floss

Our Favourite floss stretches and expands into interdental spaces for better removal of plaque and food particles. This high-performance floss is suitable for everyone - people with tight spaces, wider spaces...even braces. Glide one our tooth serums along the floss. This revolutionary floss is also gentle for gums because it is cushion-soft and can stretch. Smart Floss is clinically proven to be more effective than regular floss. It has been shown to remove up to 40% more plaque than some of the most popular flosses.

Vita-Pik Gum Syringe

The VitaPick is a durable and re-usable (non-electric) pen-size applicator designed to deliver salt water, our tooth serums or diluted hydrogen peroxide into the deep pockets of the gum line. The reason the VitaPick works is because it can reach and bathe the deep pocket with natural antiseptic solutions. These powerful antiseptics kill the bacteria at the base of even the deepest pockets to stop the disease process. Bacteria (plaque) force the gum to detach from the tooth, forming a pocket. If the bacteria in the pocket are not abolished, more of the bone that supports teeth is destroyed resulting in receding gums and loose teeth.

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