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~Discover the Inner Purpose of Your Life and What It Takes to Live It~

If you could discover your unique Life Purpose, beyond a shadow of a doubt, would you choose to know it? If so, discovering your destiny just got a lot easier.

Just look at the non-fiction bestseller lists these days. Its clear that people are searching for a deepened sense of personal meaning. Record numbers are spending good money on books, life coaches, seminars, and workshops to try and understand what their lives are all abouttheir Lifes Purpose. But most of the time, what they discover is that there are no clear-cut answers. These inside out or subjective techniques are open to doubt, misinterpretation, and the individuals own confusion and resistance.

In Destiny at Your Fingertips, Ronelle Coburn shows you that your Life Purposeyour specific point of life meaning and fulfillmentcan be determined immediately and objectively with complete certainty by decoding your own unique fingerprints. Your built-in Instruction Manual For Life has been with you, written on your own body since five months before you were born. The tangible and unalterable markings of your fingerprints hold the key to who youre here to be and what you need to do about it to create your deep sense of personal life meaning and satisfaction. All you have to do is learn to translate them for the language of your soul.

Knowing your Life Purpose empowers you in every area of your life by helping you understand the underlying mechanics of your circumstances and the power you have to shape and create your own life as well as to avoid false starts and drifting off-track as you shift more consciously into your authentic self. When you are aware of your Life Purpose and who you are, you become increasingly empowered to use your freedom to choose your best life to:

  • Find your core and give yourself permission to be true to yourself
  • Improve your relationships to achieve more closeness and understanding
  • Understand what satisfies you in your work life
  • Discover what you need to doin practiceto engage your most meaningful life
  • Learn how to use your free will to affect the world in a positive way
  • Expand your awareness of the starring role you play in your own life

    Knowing your Life Purpose gives you a compass by which to gauge every decision you make and every action you take. Its like having a map for your life marked with your destination, as well as having constant guidance regarding the decisions and actions you need to make in order to take your next step.

    If youre someone who is ready to take a direct look at your life and your highest potential, or if youre someone who helps others find the purpose of their lives, Destiny at Your Fingertips, and the revolutionary tool of fingerprint analysis, is expressly for you.

    Life Purpose: Here, Now, Yours. What are you waiting for?
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