Detox Delights, by Shazzie

Detox Delights, by Shazzie

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Shazzie's Detox Delights
54 Page Booklet
by Shazzie

This 54 page mini-book is jam-packed full of healthy yet mouth-watering recipes and tips. Have you ever wondered how you can make recipes which will help you beat food cravings, detox at your own pace and feel good about your food choices?

Shazzie"s detox delights was created especially for this purpose. The recipes have been carefully formulated to be low in toxins to allow your body to clean itself out. This means that you can immediately start eating food which is good for you, without feeling that you"re missing out! It also outlines the reasons why you may need to detox, the effects and benefits and why it can be delightful,.

You can use Shazzie's detox delights to:
* Kick-start your health plan
* Increase your immunity
* Reduce your stress levels
* Target specific health issues
* Add more variety to your current diet

Shazzie really knows her stuff: she"s personally detoxed herself young and beautiful by following the recipes that she now shares with us all. As her before and after photos show, proof of the pudding is very definitely in the eating. It"s time to detox -- with delight!"

With recipes such as Eat it off me Beppe and Purple Burple, you will want to create them as soon as you get the book home! The many sections include smoothies, salads, soups, main meals, dinner party menu ideas, side dishes, and puddings. You will not believe how some of these recipes are made!
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