Don't Drink Your Milk!, by Frank Oski, M.D.

Don't Drink Your Milk!, by Frank Oski, M.D.


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Don't Drink Your Milk!

New Frightening Medical Facts about the World's Most Overrated Nutrient by Frank Oski, M.D.

Frank A. Oski, MD, is the former physician-in-chief of John Hopkins Children's Center and Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at John Hopkins University School of Medicine. According to him, you might want to turn a deaf ear to the "Got Milk?" commercials.

To give you an idea of how important the topic might be, consider this paragraph from page 3 of Don't Drink Your Milk!

Among physicians, so much concern has been voiced about the potential hazards of cow milk that the Committee on Nutrition of the prestigious American Academy of Pediatrics, the institutional voice of practicing pediatricians, released a report entitled, "Should Milk Drinking by Children Be Discouraged?" Although the Academy's answer to this question has (as of this writing) been a qualified "maybe," the fact that the question was raised at all is testimony to the growing concern about this product, which for so long was viewed as sacred as the proverbial goodness of mother and apple pie.
Does drinking milk help prevent osteoporosis because of the calcium it contains? Chapter 6 deals with that topic. Strange as it may sound, both Africans and African-Americans consume less calcium and milk, and yet have greater bone density and less osteoporosis than Caucasians in America. While Americans get 807 mg. of calcium each day from drinking milk, the average citizen of Ghana gets but 8 mg. As Dr. Oski points out, this low amount has made them "neither toothless nor lying about immobilized because of repeated bone fractures" (p. 50).

And that's just scratching the surface.

Here's a listing of the table of contents:

Milk Is a Natural
Fifty Cents for a Quart of Intestinal Gas!
Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk
Can Fat Be Fatal?
The alternatives"Two Sides To The Story
The Calcium Scare
Do You Really Want a Resume of the Cow's Lunch?
Beware of the Cow
Milk Has Something for Everybody
Milk and the Tension-Fatigue Syndrome
What to Do Instead
Research Appendix
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