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How to set up your Living Foods home with Hetta

Hosted by Debra Secunda

Filmed at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico

Experience the Joy of Vibrant Health and Rejuvenation! Learn how to be a Raw LIVING FOODS Vegetarian!

Beyond Row "Discover why you need raw "LIVING' Food!

The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute is a non-profit school that teaches everything you need to be a raw LIVING FOODS vegetarian!

Class excerpts include: How to SPROUT fresh natural superfoods and growing WHEATGRASS in your own kitchen! Why Dr. Ann's blended "ENERGY SOUP" is a complete meal and better than juicing! "CULTURED" FOODS and ENZYMES for digestion & cellular rejuvenation! Proper FOOD COMBINING DETOXIFICATION & BODY CARE PLANTING & COMPOSTING Simple delicious RECIPES: Seed "Cheese" Dressing, Cabbage Rejuvelac, Pate, Pizza, Desserts and more! SELF-HEALING with the LIVING FOODS LIFESTYLES!

ANN WIGMORE 1909-1993 Teacher, healer and pioneer in the Living Foods movement, Dr. Ann Wigmore dedicated her life to educating people around the world about the transforming qualities of living foods. She authored numerous books including "The Wheatgrass Book, "Be Your Own Doctor" and "Why Suffer". Her extensive research and self-healing back in the 60s created a program that acknowledged by Victoras Kulvinskas, Gabriel Cousens, MD, David Wolfe and every Raw-Live food teachers today.
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