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Dried Hunza Apricots Halves (Organic, Raw), 16oz

Dried Hunza Apricots Halves (Organic, Raw), 16oz
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1 - 999 units $/unit
I GUARANTEE that these Organic Dried Hunza Apricots will be the BEST Dried Apricots that you will ever taste! As you can see from the video below, we were BLOWN AWAY when we first tasted them! It is such a different experience compared to the typical circular FLIMSY dried apricots that you buy in the health food store. These are more MineralRICH, WILD and DENSE. The flavor BURSTS in the mouth like no other. I can't express enough to you to try them. They are chewy but not the same type of chewy like the standard flimsy apricots. It's more dry and crumbles and melts into pieces in the mouth... and the flavor just gets stronger and stronger.. It tastes more of like a raw bread or something. Dried apricots are widely used by people with sugar issues, because they are more low glycemic compared to dried figs and raisins. Still use caution as they are sweet.

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