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Dunstan Baby Language DVD Program: ONE (2 Discs)

Dunstan Baby Language DVD Program: ONE (2 Discs)


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As announced in an exclusive interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Australian mother Priscilla Dunstan has the world talking with the discovery of the secret language of babies. This breakthrough in infant care is the result of one mother's intuition that began nearly a decade of investigation and international research. The Dunstan Baby Language DVD teaches parents the 5 cries all newborns use to communicate their everyday needs from day 1. You will know when your baby is hungry, tired, needs burping, has lower wind or is simply uncomfortable. By learning this System parents are able to settle their baby faster, resulting in happier babies who sleep longer and cry less - something every new parent would wish for.

DBL Baby Language DVD - NTSC version for USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico & others*; English, with Spanish & French subtitles.

DVD sides 1 & 2: 

Train your ears to hear the 'words' for:

  1. Hunger
  2. Tiredness
  3. need to Burp
  4. lower Gas 
  5. Discomfort


  • see numerous examples in order to ‘tune your ear’, 
  • learn helpful settling techniques, 
  • hear from parents who have learnt the System and
  • see a live lesson with remarkable results.
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