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[DVD] Breaking the Food Seduction


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[DVD] Breaking the Food Seduction


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Recorded in 2004 at the Modern Manna Health Crusade in Lodi, CA.

Whether it's chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, baked Brie, or burgers, everyone has foods they can't seem to resist--foods that sabotage our efforts to lose weight and improve our health.

As leading health researcher Dr. Neal Barnard explains, banishing these cravings is not a question of willpower--it's a matter of biochemistry.

Breaking the Food Seduction reveals the simple diet and lifestyle changes that will break craving cycles forever. With everyday examples and practical tips the DVD delivers:

  • New facts about the opiate-like effects of problem foods
  • Seven simple steps to break craving cycles
  • A three-week kickstart program
  • 100 easy, satisfying recipes.

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