[DVD] Dance Bound - Only sold w/Rebounder

[DVD] Dance Bound - Only sold w/Rebounder


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Dance Bound

Fitness Pro Tracie Finan leads you through a unique workout which ties rebounding and Broadway together. Learn modified rebounding movements with a jazz dance flair. Hosted by JB Berns.

Intermediate/Advanced - 40 minutes

Tracie Finan is the Creative Program Director at Healthworks in Boston and is a nationally recognized Aerobic Champion. Tracie is also an AFAA provider and has won two AAU Sport Aerobic Championships.

Her Dance Bound program utilizes easy to follow "Broadway" style dance moves with the Urban Rebounding exercise program. She will introduce you to a fun Jazz-style routine. You will move from basic bouncing to show stopping dance steps...all done on a rebounder.
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