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ElixirCraft is an exciting new take on the blended drinks we grew up calling smoothies! It was designed to merge Herbalism, Super Food Nutrition and Indigenous Understanding.

Each recipe has been designed with a specific purpose in mind, and creates the template for you to craft drinks that will support you in any health goal!

This DVD leads the viewer through six exciting and Pharmacologically Active blended drink recipes that incorporate Herbalism and Super Food Nutrition together in an incredibly tasty, nourishing and energizing package!

ElixirCraft trains you in recipes for improved brain function, building lean body mass, supporting male and female hormones and sexual function, deep relaxation, and powerful immune system boosting. It is a skill set that will add value to your life for many years to come!

This DVD includes 6 recipe tutorials & text versions, educational intros, and tons of detailed information about a variety of common health issues and how to address them through blended herbal super-nutrition! Get yours today and start empowering your way to Invincible Health!
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