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Debra Secunda's understanding of healthy lifestyle choices, sincerity and enthusiasm makes this DVD inspiring and enjoyable. - Gabriel Cousens, MD, founder, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, author of Conscious Eating, There is a Cure for Diabetes, and Spiritual Nutrition --- Gabriel Cousens, MD

Go Green with these Dairy free; Gluten free; Trans-Fat free; and Low Glycemic nutritious and delicious recipes. Eco-Chef Debra Secunda shares almost two hours of easy to prepare Raw Vegetarian Living Foods. Raw-Living means that your veggies, nuts, seeds, sprouts and grains are not heated beyond around 115 degrees, to preserve enzymes and vitamins. And it saves fossil-fuels! In addition, she offers a step-by-step guide to Sprouting your own SuperFoods for just pennies and minutes per day right in your own kitchen.

Then learn how to incorporate them into recipes such as Nirvana Nut Loaf; Lasagna A La Saucisse with walnut sausages; and creamy Ricotta Nut Cheese; Sprouted Chick Pea Hummus; Sprouted Quinoa pilaf; Cauliflower Mash; Probiotic recipes such as Sauerkraut and seed yogurt; Green Blender-Meals: Great for Fasting - and more. Her Kitchen Tips will save you extra time, money, and help you create gourmet flavors.

These are the healthiest low-carbon-footprint meals ever! Replace processed and over-packaged foods that lack fiber with these easy-to-prepare alternatives. Have more Energy, overcome Sugar Addiction, and Obesity. See how you FEEL after a Raw Food Meal!

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