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Grow Your Own Greens teaches the entire process of growing sprouts and wheat grass. The video has been recently updated with new lessons and recipes.

GROW YOUR OWN GREENS is an instructional DVD whereby using down to earth holistic techniques, Loreta shows everyone how to awaken seeds, optimize nutrients and understand the fundamentals of living foods preparation.

Step-by-step, Loreta, her son Antanas and her friend Ethel Wilson guide you to:

  • Grow wheatgrass, sunflower, buckwheat and pea greens in soil
  • Start sprouting seeds in jars and sprout bags at home and while traveling
  • Transform your vibrant, nutrient-rich harvest into life-giving juices, smoothies, nut and seed milks, salads, low-gluten breads and "ice cream"
  • Supercharge your body
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