[DVD] Hi-Lo Bound - Only sold w/Rebounder

[DVD] Hi-Lo Bound - Only sold w/Rebounder


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Hi-Lo Bound

Allison Nolan leads you through a blast from the past. Remember those high impact aerobics classes that got your heart going...but killed your joints. Allison shows you how to effectively do high impact aerobics with low impact to your body...all on the rebounder. Hosted by JB Berns.

60 minutes

Hi-Lo Bound combines the "old fashioned" high impact aerobic exercises, music from the 70's and 80's, and a modern rebounder to give you a unique cardiovascular workout. It is well documented the fabulous results derived from the high intensity workout of high impact aerobics, but also the very negative effects of the shock applied to the joints, muscles, and bones. This workout eliminates the shock while maintaining the benefits.

Allison Nolan teaches vinyasa flow yoga and is certified by ACE. She is also registered as a teacher with the Yoga Alliance and the creator of the Yoga Wisdom video series.
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