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DVD - Nappy Free: Diaper Free Elimination Communication

DVD - Nappy Free: Diaper Free Elimination Communication


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At these times of increased awareness of water and other human consumption issues, parents are looking for low impact alternatives to conventional disposable nappies/ diapers, yet are not really wanting to handle all that washing either

Nappy Free; a 1/2 hr, Australian made DVD, explains & explores a method of baby hygiene called elimination communication, which can reduce or remove the need for nappies (cloth or disposable, and all the potential allergens and environmental costs they carry), depending on how astutely the babies Carers practice it It is an ancient practice, perfectly adaptable to the modern world, still in use in many countries and making a comeback in Western society as we begin to take responsibility for the damage we have done to the environment.

The Nappy Free way is EASY to use, GENTLE and SUPPORTIVE of other attachment parenting philosophies. It significantly reduces each baby's impact on the planet (water consumption, chemicals etc used when using cloth nappies or the plastics, bleaches and landfill created when using disposable nappies). Being Nappy Free is the natural choice for parents who care for the earth.

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