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DVD - RAW SURVIVAL, with Viktoras Kulvinskas

DVD - RAW SURVIVAL, with Viktoras Kulvinskas


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Format: DVD
Pages: 105 minute
Publisher: Sky In the Pie Productions Inc.
Year Published: 2008

Mystic & visionary author of the inspirational “Survival in the 21st Century”, he is the quintessential Father of the Raw Living Food movement we know today, teaming up with Dr. Ann Wigmore back in the 60’s. In this DVD Viktoras shares his early personal health challenges and how he brilliantly overcame them, offers several of his favorite recipes and 40 years of intensive scientific research. Learn how his latest findings support a raw living food plant-based enzymatic diet for vitality and longevity, as well as therapy for obesity, injuries, addiction, diabetes, cardiovascular and other diseases. Look forward to an occasional giggle and an opportunity for the transformation of a lifetime!
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