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Try It On Everything (EFT Tapping)
by:Ortner, Ortner, & Polizzi

Have you ever seen a really great movie? The first thing you want to do is tell all your friends about it, right? Now imagine experiencing something that has helped you when nothing else was working. Something that has helped you through some hard times in your life and has helped you create more joy than ever before. Just like that great movie, all you really want to do is tell everyone you know about it! That's why Try It Productions was founded. Our purpose is that of spreading a message of hope, healing and joy so that people can experience"it" for themselves. We don't want to tell you what to do or make claims about what is "right" or "wrong." We just want to share the information that has changed our lives so you can try it for yourself. Since saying, "Hey, I want to teach you an amazing tool to help change your life" is a lot harder then just saying, "Check out this great movie," we decided to make a film about EFT. The fuel behind this movie is our own personal experiences and the experiences of thousands of others who have used this tool with success. All of us have experienced what EFT can really do. Our own curiosity has led us to try it on everything we can think of. This is our adventure and also yours. We didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into. We just know that this is our way of contributing to the amazing world we co-exist in and we can only hope that our efforts can move and help you reach your unlimited potential.
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